Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where have I been?

My blog is missing me...where have I been since Riley's birthday celebration?  In a funk?  In bed asleep?  On the dance floor?  Buried in studies?  Ladies Bible study?  Walking Sherman?  Playing Wii?  Watching movies?  Watching football?  Taking photos?  Shopping at flea markets?  Laughing with friends?  Playing Balderdash?  YES>>>> all of those!  Which one should I have blogged on?

When we lived in Australia, we often used the expression that would be appropriate here.  Hmmmmmmmm...You might see me with my hand on my chin, eyes gazing upward, with a wondering look saying...Hmmmmmmmm...

Actually, I've had a few ideas, but haven't been organized enough to put them together and now this morning, well, I just can't STAND it anymore!  I miss A WRINKLED TIME!  Love posting!  It's addicting like Chai, chocolate, Wii, iPhone Scrabble---you name it. If it's fun, I can be addicted...hmmmmmm...maybe I'm addicted to FUN!!!   

Okay y'all...a question for you.  I have exactly seven commitments per week that roll around leaving only Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays free.  (Some days I have TWO commitments)  Now I'm looking at taking on one more, but this one sounds SO once-in-a-lifetime-ish!  

Thursday nights at Central Arizona College (about 10 min. from here), a class called the Fundamentals of Publishing is starting.  It'll be from 6:00 to 8:45 and will cover internet opportunities, self publishing, types of publications, editing, style, agents, copyright, cover design, printing contracts, and that's not ALL!!!  Hands-on workshops...Oh...doesn't that all sound like a writer's dream?  I WANT to do it, but then I want to DO everything don't I?!

My fears---taking on too much, no time left for blogging (ha), giving up another evening, tests, homework?  No time left for Scrabble?  No time left for hubby and friends? 

Hmmmmmmm....any advice?


  1. I've missed you!

    My advice? GO FOR THE CLASS! Knowledge is power, remember...

  2. Sue,
    I sometimes get myself into so many "projects/activities" that I get nothing done. The best thing for me is to write a list and prioritize the projects so I know which ones are most important.

    I try to do the important things or the things that will help me do the important things (ex. take a class or relax or.....)

    If I find one or two things that are important and complicated, I draw up a plan about how to achieve them. I can break a big important task into a series of lesser tasks that lead to my ultimate goal.

    Before you sign up for the getting published class ask yourself questions like:

    Is this important enough that I am willing to give up enough other things to fit it into my schedule?

    Is my goal in writing to get published? Is it to write things that make me and my friends feel good or learn something?

    My sense from hearing you write about the class is that you really want to take it. If you get published, you can bring your written message to more people. That would make it worthwhile to scale back on other activities for a semester.

  3. Thanks for the good advice y'all!!! I signed up this evening! Yah!!!

  4. Susie,
    I am going to see if this works or not. Don't have anything clever to say at this time though. Diane