Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arrogant Christians

Think of the book of Job Christian friends...think of how we read about Job's friends reasoning WHY all the destruction came into his life. They thought they knew the whys...they couldn't leave it alone and just come alongside of Job, tend to his needs, weep with him, they felt the need to answer for God.

Haiti...No words for this disaster fit but words of supplication to our God, Who, as Creator of each individual affected by this catastrophic earthquake, grieves along with us like a parent would if his/her children were suffering. Couldn't He have prevented it...IF He is God, you say...How can we know that? We, with the pea brains, who can't even cure the common cold? 

Here's an article, by Greg Albrecht, I want to share from PTM that I think addresses this arrogance well.


Did Haiti deserve this earthquake?

Q. I am amazed to hear a respected televangelist say that the earthquake in Haiti happened because long ago the nation of Haiti apparently "swore a pact with the devil." I think I know what your response to this kind of nonsense is -- but please speak out!

A. Here we go again. Remember Katrina? MANY Christian ministers and pastors, trying to "make sense" of Katrina, said that God sent Katrina as punishment for the permissiveness allowed and practiced in New Orleans. Remember 9-11? Two prominent, well-known televangelists said that 9-11 was proof that God had removed his "hedge of protection" from the United States because of, among other things, homosexuals.

Now we have a prominent televangelist saying that Haiti has been cursed because long ago, in order to earn their freedom from the French who occupied their country, they made a pact with the devil. I have never read such a thing in a history book. What proof is being offered of this pact? And even if there were a pact, even if a contract with the devil exists, executed in the name of the people of Haiti, does the devil have the power to instigate deadly earthquakes? Is that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ? This kind of stuff sounds like more religious superstition, ignorance and fear.

Even if some pact could be unearthed, with the signature of the devil and of Haitian political leaders (?!??! -- don't hold your breath) what exactly was the Resurrection of our Lord all about? I thought Jesus defeated death and the grave, the devil and his demons. Given the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, I have a hard time understanding how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could actually believe that God would be "bound" to some pact that someone made with the devil?

I have also heard that some are saying, in God's name, that Haiti was asking for such a disaster, among so much other suffering they have endured, because of their practice of Voodoo. The one, true, loving God of the Bible continues to be painted and depicted as a primitive, pagan mythological god -- by people who call themselves Christians!

In the Plain Truth November/December 2001 cover story I asked "Did America Have it Coming?" Of course not -- not in the sense that Americans are, or were, more sinful and more deserving of a "special, God-given curse" than citizens of other nations! Did Haiti have this killer earthquake coming! No, not at all ! May all of us turn our hearts and minds away from futile and vain attempts to determine what might have motivated God to cause or allow this catastrophe in Haiti, and rather turn our hearts and minds toward prayer for all those who are affected, and those who are courageously involved in relief efforts -- and will be for some time to come.

In Christ
Greg Albrecht

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I confess my arrogance Lord. Please forgive me, a well-fed, prosperous American, for even trying to understand WHY. Instead show me WHAT I can do to help these people now and in the future as they try to rebuild their world.  C'mon people...let's pray for this suffering nation and send money or whatever type of support we can manage.


  1. AMEN! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts. Wonderful article. I am so thankful our gracious Lord has never given any of us what we deserve.

  2. Thanks for addressing this issue, Susie.
    You are so right that what is required of us is humility and mercy, not judgment and condemnation...

  3. Great blog! For those who are able I highly recommend making a donation to Samaritan's Purse. While in Biloxi, MS helping with Katrina reconstruction, I asked many locals which organization provided the best help. They all said Samaritan's Purse. SP is equipped to go into a situation such as in Haiti to provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance the people need.

  4. I agree Janice...our Church, Oasis, took up a special offering for Haiti to send to Samaritan's Purse. Great place to direct funds. Thanks all for your comments. Oh our hearts are broken for these suffering people...