Saturday, January 9, 2010

70's Family photo

One good thing about cleaning out the garage, treasures pop up along the way.  Here's a great old photo of our family, (before our youngest daughter arrived) that we've always thought was fun...from the day it was shot, and now to see it again thirty plus years later!  Do you recognize these people?  It was after seeing this photo that I decided to remember to "smile" in every photo from now on, no matter what the photographer said.

It's no wonder we've gone on to bigger and better things, ayyy? 

Oh yes, and then in the 80's Baby L came she is at about the same age of her own baby now!
CUTE huh? 
Do you see any resemblance to J? 


  1. Love it! You all look straight out of "Little House on the Prairie!" Anna looks like the youngest Ingels girl, Carrie. I didn't realize you once had dark hair. Looking forward to seeing you and Jay in February!

  2. Yes! (to your question re: J) I always thought J had Lindsay's nose but now it affirmative! :) J also does the same look that Lindsay has in the top right photo! I miss him since he's started baby school and I don't go up on Thursday's anymore. :/ I know he's learning excellent social skills though!

  3. Hahaha, I love that picture of y'all! Everyone's expression cracks me up! J DOES look like me too! :) Btw, like your bookshelf.

  4. Funny photo and yes I see so much L in J!