Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Brightest December Moments

Christian recording star, Evie sings, "How can I say thanks for all the things that You've done for me?"  My heart is full today as I think back on December's bright spots. 

It started out with the pitter patter of some very cute feet at our house..

That belonged to this little fella, our youngest grandson, who lives way too far away from us.

And then....we partied a little with our best friends in AZ.

Snacked on one of these "hurmongous" (about 8" square each) pecan rolls on our way to Lubbock.

Then, woke up to a white Christmas Eve day...snowed in through to Christmas afternoon. Sherman is not understanding that he must go "out" in this to do his business...

It was beautiful, but Mary Todd was not all too keen about her soft white cloak.  She's an AZ girl.

So great to be with the grands Christmas morning.  We didn't realize our two-year old granddaughter is such a clothes horse.  She tried on every new piece she opened.  This red coat from her auntie, was one of the first presents she opened and she wore it until she saw her new Minnie Mouse jammies.  Is she gorgeous or what?

Next, we have R modeling his new blue sock monkey!  Do these children melt a grandma's heart or what?

And now Christmas afternoon in town at Big Pop and Big Mom's house, we strike a proud pose in our new coat once again.

The FAM....

Some more very nice feet...

And then some yummy feet! 

It's been great....We LOVE YOU little darlings. xo
Nitie nite...

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Prayer

by Susie Talbot

May our eyes stay focused on God’s holy Son
in this Advent time acknowledge He is One
with the Father and with the sacred Holy Ghost.
Lift faces and voices with all heaven’s hosts
while we light Advent candles and sing our songs
may our lives portray Jesus, reverse our wrongs.

Will Christmas lights everywhere shine out bright
in our towns, in our world be a startling sight.
May each and every greeting, wish, and hug
be thoughtfully given with generous love.
Every card and present, given or received,
come from hearts filled with Jesus, not filled with greed.

Oh glorious season exalt God’s Son
Who came to this world to redeem each one
by His life, by His dying, He’s shown us love
invited us to live in His courts above.
One and all please laud Him this Christmas Season
receive God’s goodness for the intended reason

Dec., 2009

Fortune Cookie Quote

I really like this one...

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."   

(Old Chinese Proverb)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Four-Day "Hi"

Without a doubt, I get high on babies! My own were amazing and now I have the privilege of grandparenting! It’s the BEST…all the JOY anyone could handle. Is it no wonder that Christmas, the celebration of God’s baby Son’s arrival, sparks such pure delight, good will, and warm toasty feelings in the hearts of men, women and children? Babies do that.

Our time together a couple of weeks ago with L and J was definitely our best Christmas gift thus far. If you go to you’ll see little J’s mama’s post about our time and here I’ll attempt to share a few of my thoughts about it too.

First glimpse of our kids! Yay they made it!

Airplane all washed off in the tub and now a little time to play…is he gorgeous or what???

Sherman dog meets Baby J…neither one is quite sure. Sherman is not used to sharing his "daddy's" lap with anyone except maybe me now and then.

This is the next favorite spot for all of our tiny grandbabies. We wondered if J would get into stuff as he putz around the tables, but he’s not tall enough to reach much of anything. He did manage to pull off the rubber doorstop ends and attempted to put a quarter in his mouth. You have to be quick around this little guy.

He’s still trying to make points with Sherman. This was a tough shot to get because every time J would walk over to him, Sherm would move away…even through the glass! Scaredy dog!

Baby J’s a bit of a challenge to feed when life is this exciting. He’s way too busy to eat. Hold on Grandpa J!

He got me…What a tease at only ten months old! One more pic, I can’t resist! Look at that face…too cute!

Of course our time went by all too fast, but we had to let J and mama go home to dada. Thanks M for sharing.  We love y’all bunches.  See you in February!

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