Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Talking Dog

I know this is a lazy way to post on my blog...forgive me, but this is the BEST!!!!!!!! 

Jay and I have a great little mini schnauzer named Sherman who's most important activity to him is EATING and I can so picture him saying this to us!!!
I have a very close friend that used to babysit Shermie and forwarded this video to me.  Thanks Shirl!!!  TOO MUCH....

Get ready for a good belly laugh!!!

Some folks are outrageously clever....

Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol Fan?

A frog fact is heavy on my mind this morning. If you place a live frog in a pot of cold water on the stove, then turn on the burner, the frog will remain in the water as the temperature rises to boiling because of the ever so gradual change in the water temperature, and won't even realized he's being boiled alive.

I confess I feel very much like that frog this morning and have been all over the internet trying to find a place to express my shock and concern about the American Idol results show last night. I confess, I've been a faithful fan of this show since it began 10 years ago. Last season, it disturbed me that Ellen Degeneres was one of the judges because of her openly gay lifestyle, so I was glad she chose not to be one this year. Steven Tyler replaced her, and has been a bit much for me, but I've considered his critiques of the contestants kind and have enjoyed some of his wit inspite of...

I really hate judgmental people. I like to be positive and try to be more open to the way others choose to live and "love them" with that unconditional love that I experience daily from the Lord, but...at some point it's time to draw the line. Last night (Thursday) the AI results show was the last straw because of the performance aired by woman "GaGa." (I refuse to call her "lady.") 

If you saw it, you might better understand my concern than if you did not. Her appearance and gyrations at the piano was pure porn. We switched it off because it was so disgusting, but my heart grieved and is grieving for the young preteen girls they'd shown in the audience earlier, and the 700 million + viewers following American Idol, so many of whom I know are young people. Why? I'm naive enough to believe they tune into AI to watch undiscovered young singers compete and perform. Idol has morphed into so much more.

I've been that clueless frog in the pot of water...yes. I'd been noticing more and more skimpy outfits and sexually oriented performances (Jennifer Lopez' video included), but just tried to dismiss it as "art." I've been so deceived. My heart breaks anew today for so many young people who've been and will be exposed to such nastiness sprinkled throughout what is generally considered "family" entertainment.

I'll finish the season off watching Scotty, Lauren and Haley's performances on Wednesday night, but the Thursday night results show is out, and American Idol is off the very short list of shows I watch.

I was in boiling water, and I almost didn't realize it.