Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Does it look anything like this?

I've been guilty in the past of praying for such virtues as pa-ti-ence, kind-ness, long suf-fer-ring, but for some time now, I've noticed a lot of my behavior problems (large psychology term) revolve around a lack of con-cen-tra-tion. Do you think that is a virtue?

When you run these three syllables together, it equals a tall order for some. If you're young, you may find this easier to do than if you're wrinkles are pronounced. If you're hovering around my age group, might understand---maybe.

Remedy?  If I knew, would I be talking about it?

Surprisingly, I think blogging is helpful. Staying aware that I want to keep the blog press rolling, causes me to pay at-ten-tion to the seemingly insignificant daily details that if lacking even a snippet of intentional con-cen-tra-tion swirl by me unnoticed.

So all that to say, G'morning.  I hope you have a blessed day.  Still a little nervous about teaching this morning (see yesterday's blog), but I know Whom I serve, and He will intervene.  Still, a little con-cen-tra-tion might come in handy.


  1. Hope teaching goes well! I'm sure it will.

    Blogs keep us all accountable in a funny sort of way.

  2. Sometimes my best concentration is when I drift out of the now and start thinking about something.

    Some thoughts are silly. Why do they put braille on drive-up ATM.s?
    Can we use the methane from cow farms to make fuel?

    Other thoughts are deeper. Is the extreme cold in many parts of the country a sign that the climate is changing?