Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look Whose Big Day it is TODAY!!

TA DA!!!!

 by GrammiSu

Hey Riley, it's your B-day
How we thank God for you
You add joy to our lives
You're ALL boy--that's so true

Today you turn six, but
you're smarter than eight
full of mischief and might
with your sister you're great!

So we celebrate your big day
Say how much we love you
As we hug you, give you presents
And sing "Happy Birthday to you!"


  1. You're a GREAT Grammie...Sue! :) Great poem and please send Riley my birthday greetings!

  2. You've received the "Happy" award. Check out "I'd Like to Thank the Happy Academy" at http://coffeelvnmom.blogspot.com/ =)

    Your blog always makes me happy...hence the Happy award!