Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little nervous today...

Why, I ask myself, am I sitting here blogging when tomorrow morning, Spring Session of our Ladies' Bible Studies begins and I need to finish my lesson. The next twelve weeks, our fellowship will host three studies with about fifteen ladies present at each one.  The one I'm leading will be a study of  Esther and I'm nervous.  I find this task overwhelming, don't consider myself "teacher" material, do it because I see a need and want to fill it, and because I love ministering to ladies, so...here I am ready to lead this study, but not completely finished with the lesson, and writing about it here!  Hello?  Anyone home here?  Not always.

Anyway, every week I try to write a poem pertaining to that week's lesson.  I usually don't get the inspiration for the poem until the last day and it happened again.  Thought I'd share it with you.  I hope the spirit of it inspires you to cuddle up with God's Word on a regular basis.

Here we go:

Prayer for our Study of Esther

by Susie Talbot

Dear Father in Heaven please join us
As we study the life of Esther
Guide us through each and every chapter
Nurture us with Your answers

We acknowledge our lacks, our ignorance
We admit that we are weak
We plead for Your inspiration
We depend on You to speak.

For our deepest needs, for our health,
For each one who meets in this room,
We pray for Your grace and mercy
On our lives not late, but soon

Let each one of us never forget
It is You Whom we glorify
Whatever we learn in this place
Flows from Your abundant supply

So help us to learn more than knowledge
From Your Blessed Holy Word
May we gain sound wisdom for living
May we know it’s from You we’ve heard.

Eagerly, we approach You
Bow low at the foot of Your throne
Fill our lives with Your infinite goodness
Make Your gentle presence known.



  1. I love the study of Esther! Our pastor did a great sermon study not too long ago. Here's the link: http://www.christcovenantcullman.org/sermons/
    scroll down to Esther. He brought out some points I'd never thought about before. Our Ladies Bible Study class on Tuesdays will start up again next week. We'll be studying Tim Keller's The Prodigal Son.

  2. You'll be wonderful, wish I could go! Love your poem. xoxo