Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blackwood Brothers at our Church

Lf to Rt:  Wayne Little, Jimmy Blackwood, Billy Blackwood, & Randy Byrd
"The Blackwood Brothers Quartet was formed in 1934 with brothers Roy, Doyle, James and Roy's, son R.W. That heritage of gospel music is carried on today as James' oldest son Jimmy joins tenor great Wayne Little, the smooth bass of Randy Byrd and the baritone singing of Billy Blackwood to present a modern-day version of that great quartet." 
To read more about them and hear their great sounds go to:

Sunday, THE Blackwood Brothers sang at Oasis Church, our church, in our town.  This is the third time we've seen them, but this time I actually got to hug two out of the four of them, be photographed with Jimmy and Randy, AND Jimmy Blackwood sang with our choral group at practice (so I technically SANG with a Blackwood Brother)! 

Our small choir practices at 8:00 Sunday mornings, and as I entered the building,  Jimmy Blackwood was walking out!  I welcomed him and then spontaneously hugged him like I do my other Christian friends. That's how it is in the Family of God!

Now, I know, the Blackwood Brothers are just people...just like us, but STILL...They are also famous, well-respected, mighty ministers of God's music and joy.  I count it a privilege to not only have attended another one of their concerts, but to also have had a bit of one-on-one time with each of them, which they so graciously offered to anyone in our gathering.  (BTW, They gave me permission to post their photos on this blog.)

Sadly, I didn't have my camera at practice, so I missed the great photo of standing next to Jimmy in choir, but I did bring iPhone along to their second performance and J snapped these great photos.

Jimmy Blackwood and Me

Randy Byrd and Me

This is a nice one of Wayne Little and Jimmy B.

Oasis Community Church meets in the Mission Royale Ballroom. Here's a shot of the crowd at one of the performances. We had about 250 folks at this service. Many folks from outside of the Mission Royale Community came to see and hear the Blackwood Brothers.  It's a great outreach for Oasis. I met some fine new folks on Sunday.

(You can almost see Billy Blackwood, on the left, at the piano)

Here he is!

That's J helping Randy with the last of the packing up.

Bye Blackwood Brothers!  Thanks for another great time of ministry, worship and laughter!  See you next year. May God's abundant grace and power be with you every where you go and in all that you do! 


  1. Hey SusieQ Great pictures especially of you in them. Great article also. Hope this works and you get to read it. Diane

  2. Neat, Mom! I know that was a fun experience! Now, I must admit, I have no idea who they are. But, I'm sure you felt the same way when I told you I was feet away from John Mayer at a concert in college. ;-)

  3. Fun, Susie! I'm sure they gave a great performance. You look so beautiful (I'm letting my hair grow out long like yours) and I'm just loving Jay's beard and mustache! Your church looks so nice and warm too! Can't wait to see you both in February.