Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet the Dove Family

If you remember from a May post...these "doves in love" built a nest on our friends' lounge chair headrest. Did I mention this was a brand new lounge chair? Last photo on May post, only one egg occupied the nest, but a day later, another showed up.
When our friends came back from their trip, they agreed it was too late to destroy this family, so they left the nest on the lounge headrest, and kept their blinds closed so as not to scare Mother Dove during two weeks of incubation. Voila hatchlings.   C U T E !!   How did they fit into those tiny eggs?

And then they looked like this after a few days.

Meantime, the new lounge chair is putting up with a little "overflow."  Sorry 'bout that W and D. Messy little critters. Next saga...will this bird c wash off or not?

And now, we present our ten-day-old dove babies. Are they beautiful or what?

It was on this day that one of them took his first flight, while lil brother or sister stayed cozy in the nest waiting for Mother Dove to return.

And so, mucho thanks to our dear bird lover friends, who were willing to put up with these intruders for several weeks so we could get this up-close-and-personal view of Mr. and Mrs. Dove and siblings. Now we have two more additions to the dove population explosion in our neighborhood. Ah well.

Calling all dove hunters!


  1. These are really nice photos. Were they taken with your iPhone? What a good children's story this would be! ;)

  2. Janice, the two eggs were taken with the iPhone, the rest were taken with our good camera and our friends' camera. We had fun watching them...poor mama dove.

  3. I miss my babies already but hopefully they are doing fine. The chair is no worse for the ordeal and most of the overflow came off. Very cute blog even if I do say so myself. Happy grandparents.

  4. Beautiful pictures - I love watching birds grow!

  5. That is crazy! They got big fast... glad to hear the chair is alright. :)

  6. Yes, I'm glad the chair survived also. tee hee