Tuesday, May 18, 2010


April WAS poetry month. I know it's May, but anyway. A little slack okay? In our town, during poetry month (which does run into May here in the west), local artists come together to exhibit their paintings accompanied by poems in our local library. I belong to the Art Council, so am called upon to participate. I don't "do" visual arts much anymore (too busy blogging?), so I had to dig deep for an original artwork and decided to exhibit these two abstracts I made in 1994 when I was taking an art course in Australia. The girls and I dubbed them my "Whimsies" as abstract art was not my usual. 

First I'll show you a photo of the painting, then the poem that's posted next to it in the library.

by Susie Talbot

Tentative flower
stems spring like coiled wires
vibrantly greet life


by Susie Talbot

Rainbow skies explode into
shimmering ribbons of color
harmonize and dance to golden melodies
gilding the broad city's face
her buildings, her streets, her people
expectant, celebrating, welcoming
His spectacular, long-awaited return

copyright, 2010


  1. I remember those! ;-) Celebrate is my fav... like the poems to go along!

  2. I think they are great.

  3. I love your whimsical pictures and your poems to go with them. Sorry I couldn't hear your last blog. Diane

  4. You are so talented, Susie! I love both paintings! I keep forgetting that not only are you a brilliant writer but an artist too!