Monday, June 21, 2010

No Time for photos this time...

Poolside Party
By Susie Talbot

Mission Royale "ites" convened at the pool
to talk, and to laugh, and to eat barbecue
on a blistering evening, the 18th of June
acting nice and polite, some even sang tunes
Some folks in bathing suits came prepared
to play in the water, to swim if they dared

Each table displayed at least three water guns
orange, pink, and green, they were loaded for fun
As soon as one fired, the others began
Before we knew it, courtesy was banned
Water streams spiraled, no one stayed dry
as a hot sun sizzled in an electric sky

Some shooters were cautious, almost discreet
But others were wild as tangled Mesquite
While folks were still eating, and others at dance
a few played volleyball, but some took a chance
to see how much water could shoot from their guns
If you were there, you’ll remember the ones

Very clean fun, I hope shared by all
I know for one, I had a ball!

(I'm submitting this one to our Mission Royale news magazine...publish? Maybe?)


  1. Very cute. It really was a blast and Wes has been eager to buy a water gun ever since. Diane

  2. Nice way to cool off! Clever're amazing!

  3. You guys get pretty rowdy! ;-) I know they'll be happy to have your poem recounting such a fun time in their newsletter!