Thursday, June 17, 2010

Texas T-Ball and All

Last weekend, we drove 710 miles in 13.5 hours (very little stopping) to see our daughter's great little family, and specifically to see our grandson Riley play T-Ball. The weekend before that, at our annual Womens Expo in Casa Grande, sponsored by our local Lifestyle's magazine, I put together this little cowgirl for our grandaughter Megan.

I know, the doll is kind of weird looking. I think I liked the clothes. She isn't getting much love, but maybe she'll be cute decorating Megan's room? I love children's honesty. Approximately 2-5 minutes after we gave the doll to Megan, Riley said, "She doesn't like it." Ha! 

Megan loves her frog, Kelso, and he IS cuter than "Sarah?"  "Jane?"  "Amelia?"  "Sally?"  Here she is with her little buddy, Kelso.

Saturday morning, getting ready for the ballgame. Photo shoot of Riley, Megan and Kelso. Cute faces huh? Say CHEESE!

All ready for the game. Yes, Kelso came along. Notice any ATTITUDE in our two-year old there? She makes us smile! Lucky girl, she has legs just like mine. Riley's team, the Redwings played the River Bandits. Love you in that cap Riley!

Here's our grandson "on the mound." I forgot to pack my good camera. The zoom on the iPhone isn't too clear, but this gives you the idea. He is SO CUTE out there. They don't pitch in T-Ball. The ball is placed on a "T" for hitting, but the pitcher does "kill" the ball and throws it back to the catcher to be placed back on the "T" for the next batter. In this game, Riley and the first baseman, Landon, were shooting that ball back and forth pretty well! We were proud.

Here's lil sis really cheering brother on! Yep...just like cheerleaders--backs to the game. Mama is pictured in the foreground keeping score. Megan is with her friend Presley.

Redwings beat the River Bandits 14 to 4. Raise your snowcones to victory!

This T-Ball team ranged in age from 4 to 6, which we noticed is a huge spread. Riley started at age 4 but is now one of the six year olds. We observed outfielders lying in the dirt during play, making "dust angels." Others were busy filling their ball caps with dirt and then putting the full caps on their heads. (Every mother's dream for her son.) We so enjoyed watching the game! Children--so precious!!!

Thanks for a great weekend dear Texas family!


  1. It was a lot of fun watching the game. They don't know whats going on, but still have a great time.

  2. I love the doll you made for Meagan! I also love Megan's pigtails and Riley wearing his baseball cap! I know you and Jay had a great time spending time with your Texas family. I do remember the T-ball years! So cute!

  3. They are just tooooo cute for words. I liked the doll. I can also picture the kids filling their hats with dirt and putting it on their heads, ugh. So glad that I didn't have any boys. Diane

  4. Janice, I didn't actually make the doll. It was put together at one of those "stuff your teddy bear" places so I picked out her outfit etc.

    Diane...I know what you mean...ugh! I kept chuckling to myself that those little boys belonged to someone else! haha..

  5. So fun!!!! Loved seeing pictures of Megan and Riley they look so grown up!