Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Babies!

April 8, 1973 our first baby daughter was born around 10:30 on a Sunday morning. We named her Anna Jaylene (Anna means "gracious one") and Jaylene is a girl form of her daddy's name. Here she is at about 4 months old. Is that the sweetest little face ever?
Then ten years later to the day, God blessed Jay, me, Vance, and Anna with a second baby girl.  The four of us named her Lindsay Kay.  (Kay after Jay's sister) Another sweet face. Can you see the fire in those eyes?

What a beautiful family God has blessed us with. Here we are in the 80's just before Vance married Katie and four of us were about to move to Australia.

Back to the girls...motorcycle mama's on a camping trip in Mojave desert.

What have we here?  All ready for Easter Sunday church, Casa Grande, AZ.
This is just TOO CUTE! Wha happened to your two front teeth Lindsay? 

Perms were in---what can we say! First time in front of a computer at Vance's house in the early 90's.

Graduation came too quickly for mom and dad...Anna, 1991

Lindsay Graduation, 2001

Our beautiful, inside and out, girls.  It's all about you two today.  Dad and I are so proud of the women you've become, the wives, moms with babies of your own now. We love you so much and thank God for allowing us to be your parents.  God bless you and yours real good!
Love, Mom and Dad


  1. What a fun post! I still can't believe they have the SAME birthday!!!

    Great photos! Love the one of them in front of the computer!

  2. Awesome post! The baby photo of Lindsay looks like another baby you and I know and adore! Did Anna model as a teenager? If not that was a missed calling! Ahh...the 80's. My perms during that time period were "What were you thinking" moments for me for sure. Love Lindsay's Senior photo. What a natural beauty!

  3. Sniff, sniff... that was a very sweet post, thank you Mom. Fun to see all those old pictures, we have such great memories and I wish we were all together celebrating today! Happy Birthday, Anna- I love sharing a birthday with you!

  4. This post is so great! All along I've thought Joseph looked like mike but boy was I wrong...He looks just like Lindsay :) April 8th is a special day in our family too; it's my dad's birthday!

  5. Very sweet blog. I didn't realize that the girls have the same birthday. Congrats. The pictures are beautiful of them. Diane

  6. What a great blog, sniff, sniff. The pictures are hilarious. I love sharing my birthday with Lindsay. It was the coolest day of my life when dad said "You have a sister." Lindsay I love your graduation picture, your hair is cute that way. I am glad we are out of the 80's hair. Thanks for the blog mom. We love you!

  7. They grew up way to fast.

  8. HI! You don't know me, but I'm one of Lindsay's Huntsville/Southwood friends. I just wanted to say I LOVE this post. You have a beautiful family. I see where Lindsay gets her blogging and writing talents!