Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guess who this is?

You know, photos are the BEST aren't they?  To freeze a moment in wonder what is going through the mind of the photographed at the moment the shutter recorded the expression?  I found a few more photos I decided to share with you of...guess who?  See any resemblance to the rest of the family here?  I'm guessing a year old here, but not sure exactly...never mind what year that would be.
Here she is again...a few years older. Love that new tooth coming in. Wearing pearls? Don't remember that! The dress was red and white and I know she liked it.
This is my personal favorite. I do wonder what's going on in the head of this child. I think she had the flu this day but went to school anyway. Not her usual sparkling self. Dress was in pastels. Yes, girls wore dresses to school.
Recognize her yet?  Don't know what happened to third grade. There's a ponytail back there somewhere.

Oops....a few years have gone by here.  This is her engagement photo taken in 1965. Note the carefully teased hairdo...stiff as a board I can tell you!
Okay, here she is today...hmmmmmm....She loves being "blond".Still smilin' y'all and blessed!

I really enjoyed doing this blog. (smiles)  It's ALL about ME today!


  1. My pretty Mom. :) I think the 3rd one looks a lot like both Anna and I. Fun, thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't think you have changed one bit.

  3. It is always all about you but we love you anyhow. Your baby picture looks more like you than the one taken in 1965.