Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From the desert...

The variety of dead-looking, thorny configurations growing in our arid landscape (some which are so weird that we have to stop and marvel at their odd features), utterly amaze me. They present a threatening exterior--DON'T TOUCH ME, they announce, or I'll poke you good, and yet yearly they yield stunning blossoms. Do you know any people like that?

This magnificent creation, in our friend's yard,  is still not quite finished blooming. This one stops traffic.

Look at this thorny little critter.  It stands only about two feet tall and it's multiple flowers were as much as eight inches in diameter. This guy's been working overtime!

Here's a species of prickly pear cactus about ready to present us with a grand show of magenta blossoms.

And then, we see God's humor in plants like the ones below. These blooming stalks stand about 12-15' tall and are made up of tiny yellow flowers...not sure this close-up does the flowers justice. They are a rich shade of golden yellow. 

I've been showing you the native desert plants, but I'm also amazed at how well some of our imports adapt to our desert soil and rock yards. These are a few we enjoy in our backyard. These magenta beauties surprised us when they bloomed out of a small patch of ice plant we recently planted. Can't wait to see them next year. Can you see their smiles?

This is another favorite of mine that thrives in this landscape both winter and summer. It's a type of Hibiscus (thanks Diane)...another shade of  purple. I like purple. We have two large bushes covered with these flowers. I thought I took a photo of the bushes, but guess not. You'll have to trust me...they are covered...

Bird of Paradise are happy here also and present in different colors. We have a yellow one in our yard, but I can't put every plant in the post...how frustrating!

I hope this sneak preview whets your appetite to consider a little wander out our way to enjoy the sunshine and interesting desert landscape. In May, the grand Saguaro cacti will put out their golden crown of flowers, not to speak of the poppies painting our hillsides along with desert sage plants' colors and bright pink bougainvillea lining our freeways.

I continue to revel in God's blessings in the midst of our corrupt and wayward world. I marvel that He can take dried-up thorny bushes (and people), and produce such richness and beauty in spite of their inherent deficits and hostile environments. Glory to our Creator God!  


  1. So pretty and different... always amazes me how much a landscape can differ. Yes, certainly a creative God!

  2. I loved the flowers. They are just beautiful - like you. I do wonder if the one purple flower is a hibicus instead of a bougainvillea though. Check on that one.

  3. So beautiful, Susie! I enjoyed this post and your last one. I guessed who the photo was at first glance! Beautiful photos of you. Keep those for when you write your autobiography! ;)

  4. I guess since the plant its self is not real inviting the flowers have to work extra hard to attract a pollenator.