Sunday, February 14, 2010


This morning at Southwood Presbyterian (in Huntsville, Alabama), James Parker sang the following song, accompanied by his guitar, in the worship service.  I love the above "ology" word. I met James after the service, and he explained that Escapafacadology is a word Southwood has come up with to encourage people to recognize how many of us tend to wear masks instead of being the beautiful, unique creations God intended for each of us to be. This song ministered to my heart as I continue to learn how not to be "too terrified to be myself."  I hope it blesses you too dear reader as much as it did me.

Escapafacadology, Escapafacadology

I'm an example of the type of guy you always only wished you could be.
I've got a squeaky clean persona, I'm descended from the highest pedigree,
or so it seems...

I've made my home with people I don't really like, and not because I want to.
I'm a chicken in the worst sense of the word because I'm just too terrified
to be myself...

Escapafacadology, Escapafacadology

When I look at all the folks that crowd around me, I'm thinkin it's not that bad,
But all the people I call friends, I don't know for sure if they really have my back,
And I can't blame them...

I feel like no one knows me, and I don't think I'm off the reservation.
Somehow I've stayed underneath their radar, but that's no consolation
at all...

Escapafacadology, Escapafacadology

I can't see your face today, there's a concrete wall that's in the way,
and I'd like to know it's you when I come around.
I'm here to walk this line with you, and I know that it's a painful truth,
this big facade is comin' down,
it's comin' down,
it's comin' down...

Escapafacadology, Escapafacadology
Text and Music: James Parker, copyright 2010

 James Parker gave me permission to share this and to take his photo!
What a lovely young man.  Thank you Lord for inspiring us today through James' talents 
and heart for you!  

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  1. I wonder what he meant by " He made his home with people that he didn't like". Great article and words. See ya soon. Diane