Friday, February 26, 2010

"same kind of different As me"

If you don't want to be inspired to greatness, don't read same kind of different As me, written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. If, on the other hand, you aspire to shake and move your world, go for it.  I read this fantastic true story, written like a best-selling novel, at my daughter's house in Alabama and promptly bought a copy to bring home to share with the rest of our family and friends. (I had a little time to read when our little guy and his mommy were napping.)
This book has something for everyone. 

For cooks, page 33 has a recipe for Cow-lip Tea. "The way you make cow-lip tea is you get the toadstools and a little dried cow patty and grind em up in the sifter.  You can't use no fresh green cow patty to make no good tea, 'cause you can't grind it. So you take that dried patty, and after you get it ground up like fine powder, you put it in a rag and tie a knot on top. Then you add a little honey to a boilin pot and drop that rage in the water till it bubbles up and turns good and brown. Now you got cow-lip tea." 

For marriage advice, page 69 addresses Deborah and Ray's troubles. "She wanted to spend a couple of months in counseling, she said, so we could figure out what was broken, how it got that way, and how to fix it. 'If you'll do that, 'she said, 'I'll forgive you.' was a gracious offer, considering that I, and not Deborah, had been the traitor. Faster than you can say 'divorce court,' I said yes."   

To learn more about God's goodness, page 155 Denver preaches to Mr. Ron: "Launching into a sermon, he assured me that God didn't make cancer because cancer is not good, and he cautioned me not to blame God for something He didn't make. The theology lesson helped, for a little while."

To witness friendship of the best kind. Page 113. "His brain had filed away everything he had seen over the years, and it seemed he had just been waiting for someone willing to listen. I was privileged to be the first to lend an ear." 

If you feel like a good laugh, a good cry, and an absorbing read, be sure to get a hold of this little book. I think it is one of the best I've read in a while! 


  1. I'm about halfway through, really enjoying it. ML, if you're reading this, I am going to give it back soon!!! Thanks for lending it, as you can see we've really enjoyed it. :)

  2. I read that book last summer. Cried my eyeballs out.

    It didn't help that I was freshly postpartum.

  3. Cow lip tea - how great is that? Can't wait. But wait a minute - am I missing more than that in the book? Next in line, please. Diane