Thursday, February 11, 2010

See Dick Clark Grill photos

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A great and fun restaurant we found at the Phoenix Airport today. Our flight was delayed due to snow in Dallas. We were rerouted through Memphis instead and departed four and a half hours later. We're just happy we weren't delayed overnight like the couple next to us.

I'm trying to blog on my iPhone and have some great photos of the Grill, but don't know if I have the tools to import more than one photo per post. Hmmmmmm...a tiny bit frustrating. Sitting here in Memphis with a tummy full of deep fried catfish and okra. Only a couple of hours away from Huntsville to see our kids!

I'll post a series of posts here to show off this neat little airport restaurant. The shiny white faces were blotted out by the spotlights shining on the wall.  This "photo" takes up a huge portion of the wall, as do most of the following.  At least our hero isn't blotted out. Yah American Bandstand!!!

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  1. Sorry about your delay. Did you have snow in Huntsville when you finally got there? I don't remeber the Dick Clark photos. What terminal did you fly out of? Diane