Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Prayer

by Susie Talbot

May our eyes stay focused on God’s holy Son
in this Advent time acknowledge He is One
with the Father and with the sacred Holy Ghost.
Lift faces and voices with all heaven’s hosts
while we light Advent candles and sing our songs
may our lives portray Jesus, reverse our wrongs.

Will Christmas lights everywhere shine out bright
in our towns, in our world be a startling sight.
May each and every greeting, wish, and hug
be thoughtfully given with generous love.
Every card and present, given or received,
come from hearts filled with Jesus, not filled with greed.

Oh glorious season exalt God’s Son
Who came to this world to redeem each one
by His life, by His dying, He’s shown us love
invited us to live in His courts above.
One and all please laud Him this Christmas Season
receive God’s goodness for the intended reason

Dec., 2009


  1. Thanks for this, difficult to keep the heart quiet this time of year.

  2. Hi Susie! I'm glad you like my blog! How did you find it? Merry Christmas to you too! I loved the prayer. I hope your New Year is full of blessings!