Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Brightest December Moments

Christian recording star, Evie sings, "How can I say thanks for all the things that You've done for me?"  My heart is full today as I think back on December's bright spots. 

It started out with the pitter patter of some very cute feet at our house..

That belonged to this little fella, our youngest grandson, who lives way too far away from us.

And then....we partied a little with our best friends in AZ.

Snacked on one of these "hurmongous" (about 8" square each) pecan rolls on our way to Lubbock.

Then, woke up to a white Christmas Eve day...snowed in through to Christmas afternoon. Sherman is not understanding that he must go "out" in this to do his business...

It was beautiful, but Mary Todd was not all too keen about her soft white cloak.  She's an AZ girl.

So great to be with the grands Christmas morning.  We didn't realize our two-year old granddaughter is such a clothes horse.  She tried on every new piece she opened.  This red coat from her auntie, was one of the first presents she opened and she wore it until she saw her new Minnie Mouse jammies.  Is she gorgeous or what?

Next, we have R modeling his new blue sock monkey!  Do these children melt a grandma's heart or what?

And now Christmas afternoon in town at Big Pop and Big Mom's house, we strike a proud pose in our new coat once again.

The FAM....

Some more very nice feet...

And then some yummy feet! 

It's been great....We LOVE YOU little darlings. xo
Nitie nite...


  1. I love your new describes you perfectly! I'm a big Evie fan, too. Enjoyed all the photos of the grandchildren. Happy New Year!

  2. ohhh, I love these pictures! Wish we could have been there. So happy to see Megan in her coat!