Monday, July 19, 2010

To My Friend

To My Friend, With Love , Susie

Dear sister in Christ, my dearest friend

I’ve hurt you in a way I didn’t intend

I thought “I can help, I love her and so…”

But I wounded instead—that I now know

I can talk about virtue, and teach it too

But living it out is harder to do

I read in Colossians about gentleness and grace

Oh boy did I miss it when I got in your face

I’m grieved at the memory—pricked to the core

I beg your forgiveness. I can’t ask for more

Dear sister I love you in Christ it is true

Next time with His grace I’ll do better by you

I pray for our friendship to be even more

Stronger and brighter than ever before

Not ‘cause we’re deserving or perfect or right

But because of God’s Son Who gives us His sight

He’ll guide us through dark times side-by-side

As we live in His love and enjoy the ride


  1. I love Colossians don't you? I enjoyed the poem very much. You are blest with such a gift of writing.

  2. Such beautifully bare there any other way to be? ahh, so refreshing..loved it, Susie. Much love!

  3. Thank you for the nice compliments ladies.