Sunday, July 11, 2010

Akiane-Artist/Poet Prodigy

Hi Friends,

We're in Payson AZ this weekend and I've come across a book about AKIANE, a child prodigy artist and poet. She started drawing at the age of 4 and then went on to paint amazing large works of art, some featured in this video. She's 15 now.

I'm absolutely carried away by her work so thought I'd share with you. I found this video about her on YouTube and will copy down one of her poems at the end of my post. Enjoy and I pray you'll be as inspired as I am by watching what God can do through a yielded vessel, a listening heart. Some think she's a hoax, but I choose to believe "all things are possible" through Christ and commend her diligence.

I copied the following poem from Akiane's book called:  akiane  her life, her art, her poetry

Our hands
hold today's future...

I still see the mill
standing way on top of the island in the ocean
and feel the last chill from steadily rolling heavy wave...

Changes fold back the past folding the heart
reminding me where I lived
up high there on the tree with the nature's view...

where faith
immediately could see
and immediately could believe...

Making the slide from the charcoal paper of times
I will tape my self portrait
on a trumpeter swan...

Maybe she will explain my voice
writing for miles
for centuries and for choices...

Crossing the bridge that is not even built
is courage...

I hope Akiane has inspired you as she has me to be all that you can be in the Lord. Nothing is impossible in Him! Do you believe it too? 

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  1. She really seems to be genuine. I would say that she had it all together in so many ways. I am only sorry that my speakers don't work to hear what she was saying. Thanks for sharing her.