Sunday, August 8, 2010

Been tripping around...

Left Casa Grande early Sunday morning on August 1 and made it to Tonopah, AZ.

We took these photos of each other at a quaint little restaurant called Tonopah Station.
Left Tonopah the next day heading for Susanville and then onto Eagle Lake.
Wednesday we made reservations to rent a boat to go fishing. Scott checked us out on the boat and taught us how to THREAD a WORM...never heard of such a thing, but he guaranteed it gave fishermen the edge on catching an Eagle Lake trout. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS...!

Thanks Scott!   (name and photo used with permission)
Heading out to fish at 6 a.m. Thursday morning...beautiful sight...The chill in the air felt wonderful.
Six of us fished, three per boat. Jay, Dean (brother-in-law) and I on one, K family on the other boat. Three and a half hours later, one trout to show for our trip...ah well. As it should be the youngest of the pack snagged the big one! Here's little J. K. with his gorgeous Eagle Lake trout.

PS...he didn't thread his worm!!!!!
Is that a cute picture or what?  Look at that fish will ya?  Barbecued, it was a tasty morsel.

So, that's what we've been doing. The rest of the time, eating and sleeping, enjoying sunrises over the water and evening skies smeared with milky ways and stars. 

Alas, on Saturday it was time to say goodbye to our "rellies and the lake and motor on down to Chico to see our dear friends. This is T and J (buddies since childhood) standing in front of the house they rented together over 45 years ago. It was painted a morbid yellow back then, but otherwise looks pretty much the same. The guys haven't changed that much either! We're doing a little reminiscing. 

Enjoying our trip...Next stop Davis, CA and then on to Coarsegold to see our son and family. 


  1. Glad y'all are having such a great trip! Fun seeing pictures,
    have a good time on your last couple
    of legs!

  2. It was a lot of fun, especially for J to catch the big fish!

  3. We had a great time at every stop.